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Orlando Metro Gymnastics has successfully produced gymnasts nationally and internationally for men and women.  The primary objective is to provide a strong foundation for each gymnast to perform in competitive gymnastics.  The main focus will be on developing strength, flexibility, and reinforcing the proper body positions and proper progressions to obtain all the gymnastics skills.  Check out our event calendar and special events page for ongoing and special team events including Path to Optionals, Saturday Event Clinics, Spotting Clinics and much more!

Congratulations to Melanie Sinclair, Shayla Worley and Chrissy Van Fleet for being inducted into the 2022 Region 8 Hall of Fame!

Avalon Park

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Avalon Park Level 8

Avalon Park Level 7

Avalon Park Level 6

Avalon Park Level 4

Avalon Park Level 3

Avalon Park Level 1

Avalon Park Xcel Team

Avalon Park Pre-Team

Baldwin Park

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Baldwin Park Level 7

Baldwin Park Level 4 and 5

Baldwin Park Level 3

Baldwin Park Level 2

Baldwin Park Level 1

Baldwin Park Xcel Team

Baldwin Park Pre-Team

Lake Mary

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Lake Mary Level 9 and 10

Lake Mary Level 8

Lake Mary Level 7

Lake Mary Level 6

Lake Mary Level 2

Lake Mary Level 1

Lake Mary Xcel Team

Lake Mary Pre-Team

LB McLeod

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LB McLeod Level 10

LB McLeod Level 9

LB McLeod Level 8

LB McLeod Level 7

LB McLeod Level 6

LB McLeod Level 5

LB McLeod Level 4

LB McLeod Level 3

LB McLeod Level 2

LB McLeod Level 1

LB McLeod Xcel Silver and Gold Team

LB McLeod Xcel Bronze Team

LB McLeod Pre-Team

LB McLeod Boys Level 6, 8 and 10

LB McLeod Boys Level 4 and 5

LB McLeod Boys Pre-Team


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