Kristen Sanborn Todd Scholarship:

In honor of Kristen Sanborn, Orlando Metro Gymnastics created a scholarship to assist athletes to help pay for college.  Kristen was our former gymnast, very dedicated and a great young lady.  This scholarship is being awarded at our City of Lights Invite.  For more details and how to apply, please go to our Hosted Meets page/City of Lights.

2022 Kristen Sanborn Todd Scholarship Application

Congratulations to Corey Melcher, the 2019 Kristen Sanborn Todd Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations to Shawna Page, the 2021 Kristen Sanborn Todd Scholarship Winner!

Levelle/Landron Loyalty Fund:

To remember our friends Joe Lavelle and German Landron, Orlando Metro Gymnastics is honoring their loyalty and hard work by fund opportunity to our athletes.  Joe and German were our long time employees, always hard working with a big love for gymnastics.  Their loyalty was well known and we would like to teach our young athletes loyalty and overcoming hurdles in life are building blocks for success.

Congratulations to Hailey Clark, the 2018 Joe Lavelle Loyalty Fund Winner!

Congratulations to Anna Brown, the 2019 Joe Lavelle Loyalty Fund Winner!

Congratulations to Nahiara Gonzalez, the 2021 Joe Lavelle Loyalty Fund Winner!

This award is presented to one of our team members with minimum 5 years of membership and gives them one full year of 50% off tuition!


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