College Gymnasts

A History of Excellence

Orlando Metro Gymnastics is a well-known producer of collegiate gymnasts. We have over 100 gymnasts that have competed at the collegiate level, many gymnasts successfully awarded as All Americans and on the Wall of Fame in Universities all over the country. Our gymnastics club is visited by college recruiters on a regular basis.

Gymnasts Competing in College

Scholarship Winner

2023 Alina Danilchenko (Long Island University)

2023 Emma Grace Boyd (Auburn University)

2023 Zora Morgan (University of Georgia)

2022 Hailey John (Auburn University)

2022 Hailey Clark (Fisk University)

2022 Riley Himes (University of New Hampsire)

2021 Elia Air (Rutgers University)

2021 Mya Pringle (Rutgers University)

2020 Abbie Thompson (University of Denver)

2020 Alex Magee (University of Florida)

2020 Gia Ortiz (University of Kentucky)

2020 Mackenzie Butler (Towson University)

2019 Alondra Maldonado (Iowa State University)

2019 Courtney Goodrich (Louisiana State University)

2018 Abbey Ward  (University of Georgia)

2018 Bridget Dean (Louisiana State University)

2016 Eriel Santagado (Rutgers University)

2016 Holly Minichiello  (Eastern Michigan University)

2016 Madison Osman  (Univeristy of Michigan)

2015 Amanda Cheney (University of Florida)

2014 Lauren Marinez  (University of Michigan)

2014 Jennifer Brenner  (Sacramento State)

2014 Sean Melton (Ohio State University)

2014 Charley Santagado  (Rutgers University)

2013 Erika Reichert  (University of Pittsburg)

2013 Emily Brauckmuller  (University of Maryland)

2013 Morgan Frazier  (University of Florida)

2012 Andrea Vazquez  (Ohio State University)

2012 Jake Martin (Ohio State University)

2011 Gared Chapman  (Air Force Academy)

2010 Brittany Noble  (University of Florida)

2010 Leslie Bell  (Brigham Young University)

2010 Sydney Sanabria  (Louisiana State University)

2010 Olivia Courtney  (UCLA)

2010 Abbey Habicht  (Auburn University)

2010 Kayla Hani  (Ball State University)

2010 Leah Wilson  (Ball State University)

2010 Wyatt Aycock  (University of Nebraska)

2009 Janelle Garcia  (Louisiana State University)

2009 Lindsay Disalvatore  (Auburn University)

2009 Clare Bregetti (Auburn University)

2009 Shayla Worley  (University of Georgia)

2009 Emily Reichert  (University of Denver)

2007 Lauren Ykimoff  (University of Florida)

2007 Courtney Gladys (University of Florida)

2007 Brittany Hardiman  (North Carolina State)

2006 Lindsey Shilling  (Eastern Michigan University)

2006 Christina Girard  (University of Illinois at Chicago)

2006 Kassi Price  (University of Alabama)

2006 Margaux Meeks  (Ball State University)

2006 Brittany George  (University of Maryland)

2006 Ashley Kerr  (University of Florida)

2006 Amanda Castillo  (University of Florida)

2006 Seung Tai Lee  (Ohito State University)

2005 Melanie Sinclair  (University of Florida)

2005 Ashley Reed (University of Florida)

2005 Paige Burns  (University of Georgia)

2005 Christina Suhr  (Louisiana State University)

2004 Jolene Worley  (Eastern Michigan University)

2004 Tiffany Murray  (University of Florida)

2004 Brandy George  (University of Maryland)

2004 Melissa Wason  (Louisiana State University)

2003 Jessica Blick  (Yale University)

2002 Kelly Phelan  (Louisiana State University)

2002 Rebecca Fuss (Eastern Michigan University)

2002 Tiffany Byrd  (University of Nebraska)

2001 Tiffany Berry  (University of Arkansas)

2001 Melissa Leigh  (University of Arkansas)

2001 Hannah McLeod  (University of Arkansas)

2001 Kerry Adderly (Ohio State University)

2000 Tiffany Byrd  (University of Alabama)

1999 Kelly Hesbeens  (University of Florida)

1999 Bradley Golden  (Michigan State University)

1998 David Ruiz  (Michigan State University)

1998 Amy Bucciarelli  (George Washington University)

1998 Shane DeFreitas  (University of Iowa)

1998 Tripp Glasgow  (Annapolis Naval Academy)

1997 Mikara Steinberg  (University of Florida)

1997 Katie Sydes (University of Florida)

1996 Lisa Koning  (University of New Hampshire)

1996 Chrissy Vanfleet  (University of Florida)

1995 Michelle Hladky  (Iowa State University)

1994 Peter Lombard  (Naval Academy)


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