We are beyond excited to announce that Orlando Metro Gymnastics will re-open for our regular schedule of classes beginning on Monday, May 18.  If you choose not to return at this time please contact the office and we will place your account on hold til June 1st.  We will continue to follow all current guidelines including:

·                    Hand sanitizer and hand washing will be provided when your child enters and exits the gym

·                    Temperatures will be taken when your child enters the gym with a no touch thermometer

·                    Employees are required to take their temperatures before beginning their shift each day

·                    Each class will have their own area with their coach to ensure social distancing

·                    We will sanitize all areas and equipment between classes

·                    Children and employees showing symptoms of being sick cannot participate

·                    Water fountains will not be available (please bring a bottle of water or purchase one from the office)

·                    Coaches and staff will utilize face coverings for any one-on-one interactions that require contact closer than 6 feet

·                    We will be utilizing a uv light sanitizer on all areas throughout the building